a lion's legacy

May 25, 2020 signified a day that would forever be embedded into our memories; it was the day we lost a fellow Jack Yates Lion, mercilessly, at the hands of people who vowed to serve and protect. After publicly witnessing an execution, people came together in solidarity to avenge George P. Floyd's death, demand a change for a better tomorrow, and uphold his legacy. As a way to continuously honor George's memory, we have created a scholarship called "A Lions Legacy." This scholarship is to be awarded annually to a graduating Senior of Jack Yates Senior High School, George's Alma Mater, who pursues a degree at a Historically Black College and University. No matter the narrative, George Perry Floyd will forever be a Jack Yates Lion, and his legacy will live on. To apply or see the guidelines for the scholarship, click here. If you would like to make a charitable donation, you may do so by the following:

Text  LEGACY 88 to 346-249-6942


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